Friday, November 20, 2009


My new favorite toy is balloons. These are great because they are cheap and once I explode one I can just blow up another one!
Here is a short tutorial about how to make your own balloon ball toys.
First you have to get that balloon in your mouth.

Now it’s going to be all floppy all over and flat at first. This may make you want to try to chew it up and swallow it but don’t do that! Miro may have some trouble with not eating it at first but you’ll never end up with a balloon if you keep eating them!

OK you have to try to find the sticky outy part that has an open end. Hold the balloon by that part and get the rest of it hanging outside your mouth.
Now blow, like when you go up to your moms face real close and breath demon doggy breath on her. The goal is the trap all the doggy breath inside the balloon.
Keep blowing. The balloon will fight back, and try to make the stink breath go back in your mouth so make sure you tell that balloon whos boss!

Keep blowing, and blowing, and blowing.

The next part is really tricky! Once you have your balloon to the proper size you have to tie a knot in the sticky outy end.
I recommend for first timers to ask your thumbed companions to do this for you. It takes lots of practice. My method, you can see here, involves holding it down with one paw and wrapping the sticky outy around a long tooth, then I use my tongue here to tuck the end back over and Tada!

You are done!

Enjoy until explosion!