Wednesday, April 29, 2009

a short conversation

MOM: Hey what’s that carpet doing there? ME: That carpet has always been there. Nothing new to see here. MOM: No, it wasn’t there this morning. Digsby, what is under the carpet?
ME: Nothing, just more brown carpet I imagine. Why would you think I'd know what’s under the carpet? MOM: Digsby lift up that carpet.
ME: See nothing here. MOM: No, Digsby move it all the way so I can see.
ME: Ok, its moved. See still nothing but brown carpet. MOM: Digsby you are in the way! What are you hiding?
ME: I’m not hiding anything mom. I’m just sitting here. You’re the one acting all crazy and suspicious of the carpet.
MOM: Fine. If you’re not going to move I will just look around you. Digsby what is that by your butt? ME: Mom! That’s my tail. It’s always been attached down there. I told ya nothing new to see.
MOM: Digsby. That is not your tail! What is it? ME: Umm,…. It might be a hole in the carpet, but I can’t be sure. I mean… its always been like that. Didn’t you ever notice before? It goes all the way to the floor so I’m surprised you never noticed before. MOM: You are soo GROUNDED! ME: It was the cat.

Monday, April 27, 2009


NO new blog, NO new blog comments. Where have I been you might ask? Well I will tell you. I was grounded from the blogosphere. Why? Just because I took a little nibble out of this wall. UNJUST!
Oh yeah, and I took a whole chunk out of this wall. So maybe I deserved the grounding.
I didn’t get to blog but I did get a new collar. And I did get to go back to Mt Tabor. It was such a nice day all the trees were Pink! And the grass was so nice and green. We walked up and down and even all around the reservoir. Then something really exciting happened on Saturday.
Did you know there is a poison hotline for doggies? Mom found that out on Saturday. I snuck up and took 200 mg of Tegratol from the table. It’s an anti-seizer medicine and that dose was meant for a 200 pound human! So my Mom found this number 1-800-213-6680. It is the number to call when you need help. It cost $35 an incident. At first they tried to get my mom to call a hotline that cost $60 bucks an incident but my mom was smart and found a cheaper one. I think I would have been worth $60 bucks but hey, no harm, no foul. Apparently I took twice what I should have and mom kept staring at me all day but nothing crazy happened so everything is back to normal. One thing we learned was that I am weighing in at 54 pounds as of 6 months and 1 week old.
ALSO – On the ear watch front. I have a perfect Aire-ear on the right side but I have a floppy collapsible ear on the left side. My Grandma keeps trying to convince my Mom to glue it. You should all remember I am strongly against this and anytime they talk about it I go crazy around the yard to express my dislike of the Idea.
All this revolting wears me out pretty good. When I go to bed I like to cuddle with my sleepy time bear (or stuffy of the month). Mom finally got a good picture of it but the flash was really bothering me. I’m off grounding no so hopefully I’ll get all caught up on your blogs. Bye.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Yesterday I did something with mom I hadn't heard of before. It’s kind of like doing zoomies but you go in more of a long straight line and you don’t go as fast as you can. Instead you go sort-of slow so you can just keep going and going and going. The strangest thing is that if you smell something interesting you don’t get to stop to investigate you JUST KEEP GOING. Mom calls this jogging.
Jogging requires special equipment called sneakers.
These are my mom’s sneakers.
If you stick your nose in there you can really smell all the other times she has gone jogging. She thought if I went with her that I would be tired and then I wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night.As you can see I’m not tired
I’m not even a little bit sleepy. Really I’m just going to snuggly my bear for a few seconds, and rest my eyes a little bit. I could go.......jogging any......(Yawwwn).......time you want.

I have the……have the….endurance…the endur-(yawwwn)-ance of a gazzzzz.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z.z


Monday, April 13, 2009

My First Airecut

I’ve heard lots of you talk about your Airecuts and you all looked soo good that I convinced my mom to take me for one.
Here you can see my before picture.
Mom took me to Designer Dog in Vancouver Washington. At first I was fine. I didn’t know why my mom was on the other side of the counter but it was ok.
She brushed me, I was ok with it. She clipped me a little, I was ok with it. She washed me, I was ok with it. She dried me, I was ok with it. Then I got bored.
So I decided to sing about my troubles, Ohhhh…..

And when she started in on my face, we had a fight on our hands.
BEEP due to graphic violence we must cut to scenic horses, this is an all audiences blog. Eventually it was all over and I smelled like a rose in June. I got a purple ribbon for Easter. I thought it was kind of sissy so after these photos I took it off. Me and Jenna (the groomer) got into a bit of a wrestling match so I was all worn out that night and the next day too. Mom hasn’t decided yet if she is going to start getting me stripped or if she is just going to have me clipped. Any opinions?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Changed My Mind

After an incident last night with one of the new cats I have changed my mind. You may remember than in the past I was pro-cat. I was also determined to make any cat love me; I even felt that with time I would be able to turn even an anti-dog cat to my side. Well, one of the cats (let’s just call him fluffy booger eyes because I don’t think he deserves a name) attacked me. He charged right up the stairs towards me. Now don’t panic, his little puny kitty claws couldn’t penetrate my impressive Airedale Armor of fur but it still upset me. Even this wasn’t enough to put me off cats. I still believed we could be friends but then Fluffy Booger Eye’s did something that, in my world, is UNFORGIVABLE. My mom stepped between us and that cat… that miserable smelly tiny fur-ball licker took a few whacks at MY MOM!
I revise my previous feelings about cats. My new opinion is this, “Cats are bite sized and should be Chased, Caught, and Disposed of.”

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Back to normal

Mom said we were going to go someplace special after she got home from work on Monday. She said it was a big place and I would like it and it was going to be the signal for things getting back to normal. I hopped in the truck and we drive to a pet store. I didn’t think that was right because that’s not that special. Mom bought me at exxxxtra long leash and a floppy water bowl, and then we were off in the truck again.
We ended up at Mt. Tabor. It’s close to our new house but I hadn’t been there yet. There are so many trees and smells. I was running around, a true wilderness dog, an explorer, a master of nature. The nature was nice.
It was actually warm.There were other dogs to play with. I did get in trouble once for treating a Chihuahua like a cat. I know all dogs are created equal but honestly I didn’t know it was a dog till mom told me. I smelled lots of trees that had interesting stories to tell about the dogs that had come before me.
I heard a snake in the grass and was trying to sniff it out. I kept hearing it slither around, it was driving me nuts that I couldn’t see it. Mom said she saw the snake and took this picture. Yeah I couldn’t spot it either.
Fun, fun, fun. I think I am ready to forgive mom for the last crazy month now. I was all worn out when we got home. I was even soo tired that this morning I didn’t walk mom to the door when she left for work.
Until next time.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I have moved

Just a brief post to let you know that I’m still here. We moved most of our stuff on Saturday, then spent two more days getting the leftovers out. Tuesday was the WORST! Mom and I cleaned the house for 12 hours. I barely had the strength to drag the last of my stuffies out to the truck, 12 hours! I am so pooped from this whole process that I think my left ear is the only part that doesn’t ache! All I want to do is lie in bed and watch animal planet.
I was getting nervous when all my stuff kept getting packed away but I started to feel better again on Saturday night when all my blankets showed up in my new room. Mom was even kind enough to remember to put out some of her dirty clothes for me, just so I would feel more comfortable. I was so patient during the move that Mom bought me a surprise. It’s a blue Giraffe from IKEA. I guess that in Sweden the Giraffes are blue, I wonder what color a Swedish Airedale is? I have to go nap now, all this typing is wearing me out. You should hear from me regularly again starting next week.