Thursday, January 29, 2009

Here is a quick list of things I like to do.

Eat dryer sheets.
Chew on the corner of mom’s blanket when I wake up at night.
Grab my leash and walk myself.
After my last potty break of the night I save just a little, you know to keep mom on her toes.
Squeak my ball really loud in the morning and wake up Allison.
Bite bare toes when they get out of the shower.
Run away when mom wants me to go in the kennel.
Pull on the draw string of my mom’s hooded sweatshirt so it closes tight and she can’t see.
Turn toilet paper rolls info really long pieces of thin paper.
Walk in a zig-zag pattern when out, to trip my people.
Chew on shoes. Both on and off of feet.
Sneak into Allison’s room and steal dirty socks and anything tastey looking from the garbage can.
Knock on Allison’s door so I can go see Errol.
Steal pop cans out of the recycling.
Bark at anything that isn’t in the exact spot that I left it in.
Tip my food bowl over and eat off the floor
Steal my toys out of the kennel and smuggle them upstairs.
Roll around in the dirty laundry.
Bite at my mom’s pants leaving little tiny holes in everything she owns.
Eat Tupperware.

Mom says I am not supposed to do these things but I have a phrase I like to live by. It goes like this, “What you gunna do about it, Huh”?

Monday, January 26, 2009

I made two discoveries this weekend. The first one was the roll of fun, the second was SNOW!
One of my favorite things in the whole world is paper. I love that satisfying sound it makes as I rip it to pieces and then I get to leave it all over the house. My people have been keeping a secret from me, but this weekend I found it. It’s in the bathroom, and it looks just like a white blob attached to the wall.
Don’t ever take things at your first impression. Always investigate further with your nose and your mouth! When I went in for a closer look I found out this blob was MADE OF PAPER! Below is what happened upon this discovery.
First I had to take this discovery to my favorite chewing spot.
Once I got there I realized I had left some behind so I went back for more.
I made sure I got all of it!
Then I was discovered!
I tried to intimidate the witness and steal the film.
But it was no use so I decided to flee the scene!
The Roll-o-Fun got locked down by Tracie so I can’t play anymore. I was pretty bummed about that until the next day. IT SNOWED. They tell me it HAS snowed before in my life time but I’ve never been big enough to go outside when it snowed before! Let me tell you dudes, this was pretty freak’n sweet.
My first taste of it was when it started the night before. I went outside but it was dark and I didn’t really grasp the full awesomeness that is snow. I was curious, but didn’t think it was that big of a deal.
The next morning was a different story!
It was like I had a whole new back yard! So I had to re-smell everything to make sure it was the same!
Check out these weeds!
The best part about the snow was running in it!

I hope it snows again soon.

See ya later,


Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Visit with the Diamond Dogs

Last night I got to go to Mom’s friend Matt’s house. He has two French Bull Dog’s and they are named Karat and Nugget, just like a diamond. I don’t have pictures of them but this is how they looked.
Karat is white and Nugget is very dark brindle.

When I walked in the front door they came charging at me together. They really know how to work together to be intimidating! They make such a good team, that I was so frightened, I peed on the floor and tried to climb up my Mom’s leg. My mom (unlike me) is a believer in tough love and wouldn’t pick me up! She just kept ignoring me and petting the other dogs! Once I got over the initial shock I had lots of fun playing with them! So much fun that sometimes Tracie would have to make me calm down and hang out with her. There were lots of people there to pet me but mostly they were watching the TV. Eventually I got bored so I started “looking for trouble” as my mom says. Really I was just trying to have some fun and decided to chomp on mom’s sneakers to stay occupied! I was on my almost best behavior all night and I hope I get to go back again soon! Next time I’ll make sure Mom brings the camera.
I really like living at my new house and I think it’s time I started pulling my weight around the place. I’ve already helped redecorate the upstairs hall with the stuffing I skillfully retrieved from Mr. Raccoon. Now I would like to be able to help in the kitchen.
I can help with the dishes.

How does this soap dispenser work?
OH! I get it. You put the soap in that little flap thingy.
First we need to do a rinse cycle.
What can I say, I love my people and I love to help.
Until I see you next time,
Love Diggers

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome to my dog blog

Hello. I'm Diggers. My full name is "Awfully Big Digsby Mac Feegle" but it takes too long to yell when I am eating something I'm not supposed to be eating. The picture above is me at 5 weeks old. Do you think I look sad? Well let me tell you its no picnic shareing one bedroom with 15 brothers and sisters! Now I look like this . . .I grew up, got a bath, a haircut, and a new queen bed that I only have to share with one person. I make sure she stays on her side! I've been learning what it means to be a one man dog since I came to my new home on January 9th. I've just been getting adjusted to my new life style and there are so many things to learn! I have found searching the internet to be a great way to figure things out and think its time for me to share my learning experience with other puppies out there.

I've got to go meet some new friends right now but I'll be back later to tell you how that goes.