Monday, January 26, 2009

I made two discoveries this weekend. The first one was the roll of fun, the second was SNOW!
One of my favorite things in the whole world is paper. I love that satisfying sound it makes as I rip it to pieces and then I get to leave it all over the house. My people have been keeping a secret from me, but this weekend I found it. It’s in the bathroom, and it looks just like a white blob attached to the wall.
Don’t ever take things at your first impression. Always investigate further with your nose and your mouth! When I went in for a closer look I found out this blob was MADE OF PAPER! Below is what happened upon this discovery.
First I had to take this discovery to my favorite chewing spot.
Once I got there I realized I had left some behind so I went back for more.
I made sure I got all of it!
Then I was discovered!
I tried to intimidate the witness and steal the film.
But it was no use so I decided to flee the scene!
The Roll-o-Fun got locked down by Tracie so I can’t play anymore. I was pretty bummed about that until the next day. IT SNOWED. They tell me it HAS snowed before in my life time but I’ve never been big enough to go outside when it snowed before! Let me tell you dudes, this was pretty freak’n sweet.
My first taste of it was when it started the night before. I went outside but it was dark and I didn’t really grasp the full awesomeness that is snow. I was curious, but didn’t think it was that big of a deal.
The next morning was a different story!
It was like I had a whole new back yard! So I had to re-smell everything to make sure it was the same!
Check out these weeds!
The best part about the snow was running in it!

I hope it snows again soon.

See ya later,



  1. Hi Digsby,

    That snow sure looks like fun. I've never seen snow and it isn't likely that I ever will here in Australia. But I'm definitely going to check out that paper thingie...looks verrrry interesting.


  2. Hello Digsby

    Snow is such good stuff isn't it? We have been out playing in the snow today as well. Zoomies in the snow, wooohooooo.

    Your new pals

    Molly and Taffy