Monday, October 5, 2009

Hello I'm back!

Hello Friends!

Well I have been gone for a long time now. I’ve been planning on coming back but Mom has been super lazy. It’s almost my bark day and I read about how Sharky and Deetzy want us all to come back to the blogosphere so its time I heed the call.
I’ve learned lots of things since you last heard from me. Probably the craziest thing is that sometimes when I have to go pee my back leg will pop up off the ground. It’s strange; I just feel the need to pee like a tripod. It doesn’t happen every time so I’m still working on why. I’ll let you know if I ever figure it out.
I went to the beach a ton this summer. No pictures, stupid mom said something about sand in the camera. I love to chase the seagulls. So far they always get away but they can’t elude me forever. I also learned to play tag with the ocean. I run into the ocean and then when the water gets up to my knees I stop and wait. Once another big wave comes I run away as fast as I can.
I also spent some time camping. Since we were out there with the scenery we took the opportunity to take some photos for the Airedales-2010 calendar. We were going for rugged. I’m not sure if we pulled it off, because it was right after a fresh hair cut so I might be TOO pretty to make the calendar! I still love to sleep with my Ted every night but he looks a little different now. Here is a before shot of Ted and I snuggling in for bed. and here is a few months ago

and this is what he looks like tonight
We have been going to a new dog park where we have lots of good friends. I will tell you more about them latter, some of them even look like me. For now I will leave you with this excellent picture of my tongue.

P.S. Did you guys see Deetzy's crazy new brother?


  1. Gee, look how you've grown!! Even your tongues is super big now.
    You are so adorable, never mind about you eating your stuffy...these things happen (we think it's the stuffies' fault mainly).
    We're glad you're back!!
    Love, I & M

  2. You have grown, Digsby! We love that last picture of your tongue and the ear flip! We're glad you told us that was your teddy or we would have never guessed it. Poor Ted!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  3. Ciao bello Diggers!!!!

    Santa vacca, il mio amico, I, Lucia am so glad you're back!!!! You have grown as much as I have in the past few months, and it looks as though you practice the same stuffie dissection techniques that I do!! We are practically twinnies!!

    Hope your mama is doing well, too, and that you both had a perfetto summer!!! Muahhhhh!

    Tanti baci!