Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Welcome to my dog blog

Hello. I'm Diggers. My full name is "Awfully Big Digsby Mac Feegle" but it takes too long to yell when I am eating something I'm not supposed to be eating. The picture above is me at 5 weeks old. Do you think I look sad? Well let me tell you its no picnic shareing one bedroom with 15 brothers and sisters! Now I look like this . . .I grew up, got a bath, a haircut, and a new queen bed that I only have to share with one person. I make sure she stays on her side! I've been learning what it means to be a one man dog since I came to my new home on January 9th. I've just been getting adjusted to my new life style and there are so many things to learn! I have found searching the internet to be a great way to figure things out and think its time for me to share my learning experience with other puppies out there.

I've got to go meet some new friends right now but I'll be back later to tell you how that goes.

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  1. Nice dog blog. Do you think I look sad.