Thursday, March 19, 2009

BLAHg - Boxes - Boobietraps

Why so blah you ask? Well this is why,
Soo lame.
All mom has been doing is packing. I don’t really get it. You take a bunch of junk out of one spot and you put it in another spot and you’re not allowed to chew on it. What is the point? Mom said we are moving so that she will have more money to buy more toys. Let me tell you, it better be A LOT more toys, cause this whole process has been no fun for me! I want to play but she is always saying “I have to pack, we can play later.” I check to make sure she is working but it’s sooo boring, I try to entertain myself with Errol. Errol, also bored with this packing situation, did something unexpected the other day. That cat set a cat trap for me. He piled up the cushions on the blue couch and made it look like a nice stable place to be. Then (this is the evil genius part) he used himself as bait. He sat up on that couch and looked like a kitty, knowing that was exactly the thing which I can’t resist.
When I jumped up to show him my Digger style of kitty love, the cushions collapsed and I was stuck! The more I struggled the more entrenched I became. Errol just sat on his perch and laughed. I finally had to give up and ask more for help. At least she quit packing long enough for that. I’m going to go find a box I’m allowed to chew on, and hope things get more exciting soon. See Ya.
One day Errol, One day soon! The only thing I can promise is that you won't see it coming.


  1. Cats are evil, Digsby! You always have to be watching behind your back because they're always plotting against us!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Ciao bello Diggers!

    Santa vacca, mio amico, it sure looks like this packing business is a lot of work for you and your mama. I hope you get everything wrapped up so you can be all settled in your new "digs" (giggle!) soon -- and start getting all those super toys!

    And speaking of toys, beware the gatto! Sounds like he may be toying with you...!

    Tanti baci!

  3. Oh moving sounds like the pits.If you can't even chew on the boxes...We agree with M&M Digs.Cats are always up to something.They look pretty and act innocent, but they are trouble with a capital T! BabyRocketDog has first hand experience with a sneaky cat.XOXO-Hootie

  4. Dear Digsby, please be very careful with all those boxes. Don't fall inside !!!!!
    About the cat.... I can't help you because they are not friends of in fact I hate cats...
    Kisses, Faya & Dyos

  5. Digger, you always have to watch out for the c-a-t-s! They are always trying to get us doggies in trouble! Good luck with your move!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  6. Hey, Digsby Boy!

    That next to the last photo of you has my girl ready to climb through the puter to love on you and give you a booty scratch. Personally, I like the ones where you're entrenched in the deep recesses of the couch... with Errol laughing. Sorry, man. It just cracked me up.

    I have not yet experienced my cat's evil genius side ~ he seems to reserve that for our girl. Bummer for you, though. Let us know how you get him back. Can't wait.

    By the way, could you have your mama email me your mailing address (it's for something regarding the secret mission). You can email me at AireStanley(at)mchsi(dot)com.

    Goober love & smooches,