Monday, April 27, 2009


NO new blog, NO new blog comments. Where have I been you might ask? Well I will tell you. I was grounded from the blogosphere. Why? Just because I took a little nibble out of this wall. UNJUST!
Oh yeah, and I took a whole chunk out of this wall. So maybe I deserved the grounding.
I didn’t get to blog but I did get a new collar. And I did get to go back to Mt Tabor. It was such a nice day all the trees were Pink! And the grass was so nice and green. We walked up and down and even all around the reservoir. Then something really exciting happened on Saturday.
Did you know there is a poison hotline for doggies? Mom found that out on Saturday. I snuck up and took 200 mg of Tegratol from the table. It’s an anti-seizer medicine and that dose was meant for a 200 pound human! So my Mom found this number 1-800-213-6680. It is the number to call when you need help. It cost $35 an incident. At first they tried to get my mom to call a hotline that cost $60 bucks an incident but my mom was smart and found a cheaper one. I think I would have been worth $60 bucks but hey, no harm, no foul. Apparently I took twice what I should have and mom kept staring at me all day but nothing crazy happened so everything is back to normal. One thing we learned was that I am weighing in at 54 pounds as of 6 months and 1 week old.
ALSO – On the ear watch front. I have a perfect Aire-ear on the right side but I have a floppy collapsible ear on the left side. My Grandma keeps trying to convince my Mom to glue it. You should all remember I am strongly against this and anytime they talk about it I go crazy around the yard to express my dislike of the Idea.
All this revolting wears me out pretty good. When I go to bed I like to cuddle with my sleepy time bear (or stuffy of the month). Mom finally got a good picture of it but the flash was really bothering me. I’m off grounding no so hopefully I’ll get all caught up on your blogs. Bye.


  1. Digsby
    We dig your new collar and love the art that is on the wall. Have your Mom put a frame around it. I Jagger ate the window sills and made teeth marks in Moms expensive blinds. Hey, I am a Airedale. Now brother, taking drugs is another thing. It is not cool! If you need to run away we live in Roswell Ga. You can ask anyone where we live. I went to a cook out uninvited this week-end. Dad caught me before I could have some franks and beans.


    Ezzy and Jagger

  2. Good work!! Oh Digsby, Thank you for making our wreaking havoc look like child's play! Now Mommy should be grateful that we only ate 2 blank video tapes last night. Actually, Hootie is the trouble maker. He gets into that stuff, then I have to join in the fun. You are still a puppy, so I'm thinking you still have about 50 more bits of mischief to achieve!! Get busy.
    XOXO-BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  3. You look so cute sleeping with SleepyTimeBear, Digsby!
    We are so glad that too much Tegratol didn't make you sick!
    Wow! You did a heck of a job on the wallpaper! You must be forgiven because you got a fun adventure and a handsome new collar, Digsby!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Ciao dolce Diggers!

    (Giggle!!) I know all about being grounded for chewing the wrong things. But why do hoomans leave so many tempting items within our reach of our big sniffy noses!?!? So unjust! Anyway, I'm glad you're back to blogging, Digsby. I miss you when you're away too long!

    I have a megagalattica award for you on my bloggie -- please stop by when you can to pick it up!

    Tanti baci!

  5. Being grounded is for the birds!!! I love your makes you unique, like me. My ears are like huge wings sometimes. Looks to me like you were just redecorating or something. I am sure if your mum would have let you finish that wall, it would have looked marvelous.....

  6. Our Italian friend, Lucia, sent us over to visit you. Wow you sure do get around. But we have to tell you "say no to drugs" - they can get you in serious trouble.

    Come by and see us some time. We'd love to have you visit.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

    PS - the video of your 'airecut' makes us ARRROOO!! and it makes Mom snort!!

  7. .....ooooooo you are so cute ! The last picture is just great...
    Please be careful, don't eat medicine again..
    and don't eat the wall....
    Kisses, Faya

  8. If you catch the dog soon after he eats something he shouldn't (pills, chocolate), you can make him throw it up by giving him a couple of Tbsp. of topical hydrogen peroxide. I used to put it in milk and my dogs liked the milk so much that they'd just lap it up. With others, you have to pour it down their throats. The doggie poison people ought to know about this.

  9. Holy Crap, well at least Baby Kitty isn't Mom's biggest offender anymore.

    Auntie Allison