Monday, February 2, 2009

Monster Saturday with the Monster Dogs

This weekend was mostly awesome. On Friday I went over to Moose’s house so my Mom could go play with her friends. It’s taken a few visits but Moose is starting to warm up to me.
I don’t mind all the barking and he has a really cool monster toy that shakes and makes crazy noises when you drop it on the ground. So I dropped it on the ground a lot. That night I was so pooped that we slept in the next morning.
I think I’ve decided that the best thing about having a people family is having a people bed too! When we finally got up we had to go to the doctor’s office. I wasn’t too sure about going in there so I stuck close to mom. Once we were in the little green room things seems to be going ok,
until they stuck me with a needle. I was kind of pissed about this, as you can imagine, but the Doc gave me this chewy raw hide thingy so I said we could still be friends.
Just when I thought the whole thing was over and we had resolved everything peacefully that Doctor grabbed my face and squirted some type of juice right in my nose hole! Well. I wasn’t going to stand for this! My Mom explained that it had to be done so I could go to the dog park. This didn’t mean anything to me until she explained what a dog park was and gave me another chewy thing.
I was still a little miffed but I felt better about it, at least they weren’t being mean for fun.

After the doctors we stopped by to see my cousins the Monster Dogs. I’ve never met them before this weekend but I had a picture of them on the fridge. This made up for the whole nose squirt thing and now we are totally square! My cousins are a special breed of monsters that are designed to look like dogs.

The little one is called Mojo, the Rottweiler
and the big one is called Sultan, the Bull Mastiff.

I’ve never met any other monsters before but my mom said that they are even bigger than normal monster dogs. When I first met them their sheer size was so overpowering my teeny tiny bladder couldn’t take it. Mom figured this would happen so she made me wait to meet them in the front yard. They were so scary I had to learn to play with them one at a time at first. Once I got to know them they weren’t scary AT ALL!

The biggest danger I faced was drowning in Sultan slobber,

or falling over dead from having too much fun with Mojo!
Sometimes I would need a time out so I would run over to Steph and Phil to take a break.
Mojo was just the right height to stand on top of, and Sultan was so big that he was still taller than me when he was lying down.
When he stood up I could walk right underneath him and barely had to duck my head.

Sometimes when I was annoying Mojo too much Sultan would come over and just pin me against his chest. Most dogs would pin you to the floor but not Sultan the monster dog, he would just hold me between his chin and chest with no problem what-so-ever. I almost fell asleep in the grass I had soo much fun. I can’t wait to go over there again!

Sunday was really chill. It was so chill that we don't have any pictures from it. Mom got a new truck battery so she can drive me to my first puppy class tonight, and then we just watched the game. Just a normal day loafing around. I’ll let you know all about my first day at school just as soon as I get the chance! Mom said there are going to be other puppies, I’m soo excited!


  1. You are just as cute as cute can be, Digsby! Funny thing - my vet gave me one of those fancy rawhide-type chewies too! Do you think all the vets had a big conference and decided that it was the thing to do to stay friends with us?!
    Those really are monster doggies and we think you handled yourself just fine!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Hey, Diggs!

    LOVE all the photos of you learning all about your new family and world. Bummer about the needle & squirt up the nose hole thing, but like your mama said, it had to be done.

    Your monster cousins are freakishly HUGE. In that one photo with Sultan, it looks like you're standing (kind of) on your hind legs giving him a big hug! He looks like he knows how to be a good dog sitter to a young pup such as yourself.

    Can't wait to hear about barking & treat-getting class (I mean... obedience class)!

    Goober love,

  3. Helloooooo Digsby, This is our first trip to your blog. How did we miss you?? Well, we're here now & sure enjoy your tales and photos. Sure hope you enjoy puppy class. Hootie is attending his 4th class on Wed. and he gets all excited when he knows he's going. The monster dogs are also just up Hooties alley...he thinks HE is one. (Mom says it's his Napoleon complex.) OH ---You gotta come back over to our blog. We are having a GIVE AWAY!! Come,come.come. Smooches from pooches,BabyRocketDog & Hootie