Monday, April 13, 2009

My First Airecut

I’ve heard lots of you talk about your Airecuts and you all looked soo good that I convinced my mom to take me for one.
Here you can see my before picture.
Mom took me to Designer Dog in Vancouver Washington. At first I was fine. I didn’t know why my mom was on the other side of the counter but it was ok.
She brushed me, I was ok with it. She clipped me a little, I was ok with it. She washed me, I was ok with it. She dried me, I was ok with it. Then I got bored.
So I decided to sing about my troubles, Ohhhh…..

And when she started in on my face, we had a fight on our hands.
BEEP due to graphic violence we must cut to scenic horses, this is an all audiences blog. Eventually it was all over and I smelled like a rose in June. I got a purple ribbon for Easter. I thought it was kind of sissy so after these photos I took it off. Me and Jenna (the groomer) got into a bit of a wrestling match so I was all worn out that night and the next day too. Mom hasn’t decided yet if she is going to start getting me stripped or if she is just going to have me clipped. Any opinions?


  1. Ciao bello Diggers!

    OMD, you look fantastico! La mia ragazza has taken me twice for clippies but is giving stripping some thought because she wants my black saddle to stay black. She read that sometimes clipping can cause an Airedale's saddle to gray a bit. (She used to have my Scottie sissie, Jinks -- plbbbbbb!!! -- hand stripped and it kept her coat in wirey good shape.)

    At the suggestion of my breeder, la mia ragazza routinely "Furminates" me to get rid of loose hair and keep my coat looking tidy. (Do you use a Furminator? It's a very handy thing!)

    Tanti baci!

    PeeEss: when we clicked on your video, it said it was private so we weren't able to see it, alas. But we got quite a laugh out of the "scenic horses" cutaway....

  2. I think I fixed the Video, thanks for the tip. I just get a normal brushing, perhaps I should tell mom to look into the furminato it sounds like serious hair care.

  3. Waaa you are handsome !
    My black coat is stripped and the rest of my body is clipped....and I am fine with it.
    Did I told you already that you are handsome ???
    Kisses, Faya

  4. You look so handsome, Digsby! We love you singing away while the clippers are doing their job! When Mitch gets antsy on the table mom tells him that he signed up to be the wrong breed of dog because we Airedales are groomed forever and ever!
    We're always clipped and never stripped!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Wow you're a real talker Digs. You'd get along great with my sissie Willow. She likes a chat too. Your first airecut was a great success. You look very handsome matie.

    Noah x

  6. Oh Digsby, your singing protest was great. She did a lovely job on your face, despite the wrestle.

    I get clipped all the time - not stripped. Kay watched the video on how to strip and thought it looked like a ridiculous amount of work. My saddle stays really black anyway, so it works out fine.

    Get a Mars comb to strip out the dead hair - that really helps.


  7. Digsby

    We heard you singing while getting a haircut and we joined along. I Jagger sing all the time , espically when Mom takes me for a walk. I Ezzy hate to get my face cut and do not go near my feet. I am getting better though..I think I have memories when I was a puppy and broke my leg.

    You look so cool with you haircut. Go for a walk in town and show it off


    Ezzy and Jagger

  8. Ciao bello Diggers -- again!!

    Tell la tua mama thank you for fixing the viddie. We just watched it and [GETUPGETUP!!!] naturally, la mia ragazza has fallen to the floor in fits of laughter. Diggs, mio dolce ragazzo, with our meraviglioso gift for singing, you and I could be in the Vienna Boys Choir (well, YOU could -- they probably wouldn't allow Lucia Pawvarotti in because I'm a gurrrrllll). I love to vocalize too!!! But what would anyone expect!?!?! We have a lot to say about things!

    Tanti baci!

  9. Digsby, I am learning to sing like you. I'm twelve weeks old now and my voice is developing nicely, though some say words about it that are not so nice.

    Miro Monkeybutt

  10. What a handsome boy your are digsby. All dogs look great after a groom ... but I don't think its something we enjoy very much. Boy! were you doing some major complaining!

    .. give us a romp in the park or a wrestle with the groomers, we'd definitely choose the rompers!

    Licks and wags

    Tuffy and the Dog Woods Pack

  11. You look FAB dude! Wayyyy better haircut than we got at PS. Really.
    XO-BabyRD & Hootie